The Apartment Season 2: Style Edition

A few years ago we participated to an interior design show – an all out style battle that drove us to the extremes of our creativity, ability and sanity! Team Dali was forged and together we managed to secure the winning spot.

“Eight couples put their hopes and dreams on the line in an epic battle to win their very own apartment in the highest stakes reality show in Asia!”

Read about our experience on The Apartment: Style Edition and visit our rooms below.

Inside The Dali Home

In starting this new year, we wanted to take the opportunity for one last walk through our beloved Dali home. Participating in and winning The Apartment: Style Edition was an incredible experience…

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Episode Ten : The Finale

In writing this blog post, it is harder than ever for me to put words to the extraordinary experience that was The Apartment : Style Edition. It is difficult to…

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Episode Nine : The Living Room

Week nine. We’re finally there. This week’s judging is going to decide you will walk out of this competition empty handed and who will win either a car or the…

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Episode Eight : The Leisure Room

Sun Rising on East Residences, Kuala Lumpur With only two empty living spaces left in our unit, the Team Dali home is starting to look surprisingly full.  Walking around our…

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Episode Seven : The Guest Room

Here we are again, standing in front of Jamie in the boiling Malaysian sun, trying to hide our sweat and exhaustion from the cameras. And this week comes with a…

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Episode Six : The Study

It’s hard to believe that we are past the halfway point in the competition. So far this whirlwind experience has been physically, psychologically and creatively draining… For weeks now we’ve…

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Episode Five : Bathrooms

Kim Robinson finishing up Iva’s hair, our makeover prize from last week’s win! After an exhausting garden challenge, we thought we would get a rest. Well, we were wrong. The…

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Episode Four : The Gardens

It has often been a common mistake of man to underestimate the great outdoors.  This week’s challenge caught us wildly off-guard as we were plunged knee-deep in the mud. Luckily,…

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Episode Three : Children’s Room

We’re exhausted after the first two challenges. Slept three to four hours a night, didn’t eat much, worked all day on the first two rooms, the interviews, the judging and…

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