Philippe Estiot

I was born in Paris in 1980 to a French father and a German mother. Growing up in different parts of the world, I quickly discovered my love for travel. As a teenager in California I began sailing, and soon after set my mind to purchasing my own boat. To achieve this ambitious dream, I studied business and worked in Asia since 2001. I ended up living six years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as Regional Manager of a French company. This is where I met Iva. In 2011, I finally quit my job, the city, and moved onto my sailboat, Dali.

Life on a boat is thrilling but most of the time it is not only pleasure. It’s always moving. There’s not much space. There’s a limited amount of energy and water that mainly depend on the elements. Things break. They need to be fixed. With close to no experience in boat maintenance, I was quickly confronted to a steep learning curve to reach auto-sufficiency.

And then, at times, all the sails are out. The scent of land not far away tickles your nose. You breathe in. The boat is singing in the waves and you can even share the moment with another smiling individual…it’s almost hard to believe things can get that perfect.

Over the years I have learned to recognise these moments of bliss, accept the short time they last, and live them throughout, like the wind momentarily filling the sails and pushing the boat a bit further…

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