Level Up: Our Quest Continues

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Before sitting down to write this blog post, I decided to read my last one and now sit here with a smirk, wondering if it is possible that we have come full circle. The fears and worries of the last post still ring true a year later, but I definitely feel a sense of humble achievement. To draw an analogy – we haven’t finished the video game yet, but we’ve definitely passed a few levels.

Rewind to last year when we first shared our Dreamcatchers Sizzle Reel with you. All we had was an idea, a dream of a series and hours of footage. Since then it’s been a rollercoaster adventure and although the end is finally in sight, we would like to tell you about the journey. After all, seeing the finish line is one thing but getting there is quite another.

A year of work in one thin DHL envelope… so happy post-production of Season One is wrapped up!

As we stepped off the boat and onto land, we arrived in Kuala Lumpur with all our footage on one (extra rugged) hard drive. Although usually Phil and I are control freaks and like to do everything ourselves, we knew we could not do the editing of a concept we had created and content we had filmed. We needed help, direction and the ruthless objectivity of an outsider. So the hunt for a production company began.

Through the kind recommendation of an old mentor from our The Apartment days, we chanced on a meeting with Trifecta Collective. When they sent us the address of their office, we had a feeling good things were to come… Our meeting was to take place in the same block of buildings where years earlier we had casted for The Apartment, and later picked up the winning prize. Felt like we had found an Easter Egg on our quest.

Palms sweaty and Powerpoint presentation ready, we pitched our series barefoot on beanbags to smiling and encouraging faces. These young, dynamic and open-minded producers looked back at us with understanding. It was still intangible then, but they saw the potential and shared in our excitement of the concept. Dreamcatchers had found a home, and Phil and Iva Productions had found a partner. Happily, we entered multi-player mode.

Next Level, Coming Soon



As a first time sailor, leaving the future that I had so carefully planned for myself was a scary leap of faith. Life on the water never fails to surprise me and I continue to learn beautiful and difficult lessons along the way.

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