Introducing Love Making Waves

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Love Making Waves

Phil and I often write about the endless and sometimes difficult learning experiences that we face daily on the boat. Living at sea involves problems of all kinds and in their resolution you are able to learn a great deal about yourself, the person next to you and the boat. However, the lessons don’t stop there. Living on a sailboat for the past two years has taught me a lot about relationships and especially about the relationships people have with nature.

One of the things I enjoy most about this cruising lifestyle is the freedom of exploration and the beauty of living in touch with one’s surroundings. As Phil wrote before, sailors and their vessels can come in all shapes and sizes, but they are all united by a common passion. Meeting sailors from across the world and getting a peek into their lives and floating homes has been one of my favourite things about cruising.

It is also from this exchange with others that I have learned the most. It’s impossible to count how many times we have relied on others’ expertise to help us solve problems. Whether it’s a home remedy for a bad insect bite or a DIY repair for engine trouble, we are always thankful to be able to count on our friends’ experiences if we can’t draw from our own.

It is in this vein that I introduce my new blog. These past few years I have been gathering experiences, collecting stories and most importantly meeting amazing women across the world that live, love and breathe nature.

Love Making Waves aims to bring women closer to each other, and closer to nature. It is a space for women and nature living in harmony. A platform from which to share those little sparks of wisdom that you can finally pass on after learning them the hard way. The girly tips & tricks to roughing it. To share stories that will one day encourage women everywhere to pursue their desire to travel and to venture into nature unafraid.

More to come!



As a first time sailor, leaving the future that I had so carefully planned for myself was a scary leap of faith. Life on the water never fails to surprise me and I continue to learn beautiful and difficult lessons along the way.

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